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Standard PCBs and Custom PCBs

PCBCART offers PCB fabrication services for standard PCBs and custom PCBs, such as normal FR4, thick copper, high-Tg, halogen-free, HDI PCBs, etc.

We also have a range of features available for your custom PCB such as impedance control, gold fingers, blind/buried microvias, peelable solder mask, jump V-scoring, castellated holes, countersinks/counterbores, etc.

Features and Specifications of our Standard and Custom PCBs

Quantity 1-10000+
Quality Standard IPC2
Build time Build time 2 days-5 weeks
Layer 1 – 32
Material FR4-Standard Tg 140C, FR4-High Tg 170C,
FR4-Sigh-Tg 180C, FR4-Halogen-free, FR4-Halogen-free
& High-Tg
Copper weight (finished) 1 oz-15 oz
Min. tracing/spacing 0.06 mm (for HDI PCB)
Other specifications Impedance control
Peelable solder mask
Gold fingers
Edge plating
Jump V-scoring
Carbon mask
Kapton tape
Via in pad
Via filled with resin
Castellated holes


Quick-turn PCB Prototypes

Our prototype PCB service allows customers to get a quick-turn PCB products with innovative features. Our prototype PCB service is most suitable for new products or designs for function testing with a short lead time.

Features and Specifications of our Quick-turn PCBs

Quantity 5-100
Quality Standard IPC1
Build time 2 days-9 days
Layer 1-8
Material FR4-Standard Tg 140C
Copper weight (finished) 1 oz-2 oz
Thickness 0.4 mm-2.0 mm
Solder mask sides As per the file
Solder mask color Green, black, white
Silkscreen sides As per the file
Silkscreen color White
Surface finish Hot air solder leveling (HASL)
Lead-free HASL: RoHS compliant
Electroless nickel/immersion gold (ENIG): RoHS compliant


Thick Copper PCBs

Most PCBs are constructed with a 1 oz (35 um) or 2 oz (0 um) copper weight. Thick copper PCBs have a finished copper weight of more than 4 oz (140 um). The thickness of the copper allows thick copper PCBs to conduct a higher current, achieve good thermal distribution and implement complex switches in a limited space. Heavy copper PCBs are generally employed in a wide range of power electronic products and power supply systems.

NEWTEK PCB offers a thick copper PCB manufacturing service that uses copper weights of up to 15 oz (525 um).

To ensure the PCB is fabricated correctly, it is important that customers take the increased width of traces and spacing between the traces due to the increasing copper weight into consideration.

Copper Weight And Min. Tracing/Spacing

Layer Copper Weight (oz) Min. Tracing/Spacing (mil)
External layer 4 8/12
5 10/14
6 12/16
12 20/32
15 32/40
Internal layer 4 8/12
5 10/14
6 12/16
12 20/32


Aluminum PCBs

Metal core PCB provides effective thermal dissipation for electronic products. Aluminum PCB is most commonly used in metal core PCBs; the base material is aluminum core with standard FR4. The thermal aluminum clad layer dissipate heat efficiently, cool components and increase the performance of products. Aluminum PCBs are generally employed in LED lights, power equipment, automotive systems, etc.

NEWTEK PCB has been offering aluminum PCB manufacturing services for ten years. You can find the parameters of the aluminum-core material we employ in our aluminum PCBs below for your reference.

Performance Index (Measured value) Domestic 1060 Aluminum substrate
Peeling strength (n/mm) 1.8
Insulation resistance (?) > 1*10 g
Breakdown voltage (vdc) >2 k
Soakable soldering (?/m) 280?or 260, 1 min, no bubble, no delamination
Thermal conductivity (w/m-k) >0.8
Thermal resistance (?/w) < 1.2
Combustibility fv-o
Dielectric constant (1mhz) 4
Dielectric loss angle (tangent) 0.03


Flex/Flex-rigid PCB

Do you need a PCB that can be bent, folded or twisted? If so, NEWTEK PCB’s flexible or flex-rigid PCB is your best choice. Flexible PCBs combine conductive polymer with a flexible dielectric film, while flex-rigid PCBs consist of conductive polyimide and FR4 material. The fully flexible nature of the boards entails that they can be bent, folded or twisted to fit devices in a way no other PCBs can, meaning that users no longer need to design and build bespoke technologies to fit the circuit board. What’s more, the materials employed to manufacture flexible PCB boards are lightweight. Flex PCB boards are generally used in medical devices, industrial equipment, and telecommunications.

NEWTEK PCB specialize in the production of single, double-sided and multi-layer flexible PCB boards. Additionally, flexible PCBs can be produced that offer expended features such as stiffeners, gold fingers and adhesive foil.


PCB Manufacturing Service

NEWTEK PCB is a professional PCB manufacturer that specializes in PCB prototype and volume PCB production. Our PCB manufacturing services offer a wide range PCBs, from standard PCBs to custom PCBs such as normal FR4, thick copper, high-Tg, halogen-free, HDI, aluminum, flex and flex-rigid and high-frequency PCBs, etc.

We have a simple online ordering and quotation system that makes the ordering process quick and easy.

If you require a PCB urgently, please select our prototype PCB manufacturing service for a quick-turn PCB with build time between two and nine days.

If your project has a flexible lead time, our standard PCB service is your best option. You can order the normal FR4 board with preferred lead time and order specialist PCBs with uncommon features, such as impedance control, gold fingers, blind/buried microvias, peelable solder mask, jump V-scoring, castellated holes, countersinks/counterbores, etc.

If your PCB needs to be manufactured using special materials, such as aluminum based, copper based, flex polyimide, and Rogers serials, please send your design file along with a request for quotation to . We’ll be in touch within 24 hours..